Backpacker’s Diary

Backpacker’s Diary


A 2016 Backpacker Journey

I am an ordinary bachelor struggling to pay bills. I don’t seize myself to live the moment and explore God’s bountiful gift of life. I discover, explore and experience myself the finest things bitter or sweet are invaluable I always treasure. Living independent teaches me to manage things on my own. I have learned to keep a value of life by taking chances, and opportunity in life is offering me.

The backpacker’s diary is a revelation I unpack from my backpacking journey. Life has been fantastic with remarkable experiences to value and embrace the mission God is wanting me to fulfill. Life is what we choose to live from choices we made over the chances we take. Life is what we choose to live from choices we made over the chances we take. Like artistry that involves creativity, it is best achieved when made with own imagination and paint it with our hands. It is our accountability to find the purpose of living God is wants you to obtain. I take part of living with a purpose.
I may have been to life’s momentous events I made myself achieve my heart had desired and been into countless failures. The disappointments and the devastation twisted by faith beyond my choice is a significant drift I keep myself to continue surviving the battle. I have been into places and walk along with many people lift my individuality. Today, I am choosing life with happiness. I carry with me the yesterday’s memory in reminding myself how beautiful life can be which choices is completely down on me.

Above all, I am please to have you visited my page. I would be grateful to hear your thoughts. Please shoot me a message.


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