Chartered Pleasure

Chartered Pleasure

Three Days Quote Challenge-Round 2 Day 3

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3 Days Quotes Challenge-Round 2 Day 3

Happiness is something we create for ourselves. Happiness is a choice, our choice mainly, the first thing that we should know and understand well. Our happiness does not rely on something or someone that may please us. Basically, it is something that is self-made.
The entitle happiness is a mindset. Despite the things that happen to us, even how drastic and painful it maybe? Or whatever terrible things that keep us a weary today, it must not hamper our happiness.
What can we do to keep ourselves happy? The choice we have made. We must learn to lift our spirit beyond any despair. How we react to particular problems, affects our state of mind. Whatever decisions that we intend to draw from a situation inflicts our emotion. We can decide to let the problem take over us, therefore, be negatively affected. Instead, acknowledge the problem and decide to do something to solve it. Because we must not dwell on things overpowered by pain. We shouldn’t spend time dwelling on it, which is dreadful. We must apprehend things with appreciation and focus on what to do next.
There are several ways we can be happy. We just needed to embrace acceptance at the beginning for us to build a better understanding. I should have known pretty much that happiness may sometimes cruel but it is all in fact how we weight things according to its significance.
When I finally decided to choose happiness, I inflict myself the advantages of the problems I have tender and experienced.
Acceptance. Problems along with hardship and struggle are life’s finest offering. They are sudden surprises that come when we least expected.
Appreciate. The struggle that I stumble and almost made me fall is worth the appreciation. I have sought my strength from the time of weakening. I become stronger and better to find my courage in it.
Apprehend. God may have let me through all of it because He wanted me to teach a lesson. He wanted me to lift an indestructible faith so I will not be coward to thread heights.
I have able to achieve the happiness I always long is when I teach my heart to forgive. The first thing I did which is I utmost believe a most powerful tool to become completely happy.

We can’t always fool happiness by wearing a smile and laughs in our face. It will always reflect what is hidden unless we have able to release and free ourselves from the things that burden the true happiness.


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