The Messiah

The Messiah

Three Days Quote Challenge-Round Two Day One

We take our own accountability of life the responsibility inhibit ourselves. An outcome is due to whatever courses of action we outlay from the decision we have in life. You and I construe the life from the choices and chances we are given. Foremost, I am expressing a heartfelt to dear friend Jacqueline for inviting me over to the challenge. I chose some of a few inspiring thoughts from Mahatma Gandhi. Indians widely described Gandhi as “The Father of Nation”. 


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Three Days Quote Challenge-Round 2 Day 1

Today, as I open my prompt I wish to insinuate a profound question. How we can quantify our existence on the long run. How can we make most of the gift of life?
My backpacking journey has led me to go places and have able to meet people in different walks of life. It was indeed a great experience I will always be thankful to God. Travelling is a self-given privilege everyone can offer themselves. I preferably picture myself as the usual backpacker or traveler who seek and long to find the finest things life can guarantee. I always value myself the happiness from the things that I desire and obtain them in real time. I go to beaches, mountain climbing, forest trekking, nature trip, and road adventure. Anything I can think of under the sun as long as it talks about to explore and places. At my age, I might able to say that I went to experience good life and see myself the finest things not everyone else is lucky to have such opportunity.
Until a real question have hit me straight from Dad. He asked me once and never repeated. After all the time you spent exploring and seeking adventures, Have you realize the purpose in it? Have you find yourself and discover God’s calling for you to serve? Indeed, I fell to find no words to answer Dad. I totally went out words.
I suddenly think and begin realizing the question I kept hanging on me. I may not completely understand what Dad may intend to mean? But that made me a realization by asking myself the same question over a repetition? I pick up some valuable notes from the traces of where my shoe print have gone so far. God is wanting me to see places and meet people not by sudden accident because they were already written to become part of the journey I shall be taking.

Then I finally vision a picture He may want me to draw as I go along. To share and deliver a message by words to submit thoughts to fellow reader and writer. To be an inspiration of strength which once fallen deep on the grave of pain. To keep lifting a faith despite falling too several times. To keep embracing other differences who was rejected. To give a valuable worth to person or thing. Learn to respect and understand others whatever the barriers can be. To honor and deeply appreciate the trust that is given because it is a precious gift not all is given. The most powerful tool we can deliver our message is a good communication. Listen as you speak. Understand as you listen. A good listener always speaks from the heart. Whatever stories we endeavor to share? They are all a worth to share. My life, your life is a message God is wanting you to submit. I am a messiah and you are too.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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