A Fortress Wraith Love

 A Fortress Wraith Love

A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. Proverbs 12:4

You and I had our love story to tell. Some may have bitter experiences some may have sweet. Whatever stories they were it all talks about love. Let me tell you an inspiring story about love. A kind of unique story hears the symphony of love.

A young lady in a suburban area of the metro she grew. She lives along with her mom and two other siblings. They got separated from her father during her younger years. Her mom is worth the admiration keeping her children to have nicely grown. Like any other young girl, she will had memories to keep. The best time of happy moments along hardship and struggle she stumble. Good thing she has her family behind giving her a balance takes her through. Despite having no father beside her while she grow, it is never a dilemma to hinder her real virtue. She is a family oriented person giving her the threshold in embracing life in the finest offering. 

As she turned to become a lady of her own. She had a heave of aiming the best God might want her to be. Setting her goals in life to grasp responsibilities on her own. Until she had finally finished her study, commence from the love of her family make her obtain. A salute to her dear sister who lift them up with all the support. A helping hand of a family is always drifting.

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The young lady from the suburban has felt in love. With the man, she had hidden a smile is her admiration. May no longer unusual face to her as the frequent buyer from a lady store keeper like her. Love is transpiring for two hearts that beats the same time no matter distance of ages there might be. Hearts shall take the glory of the hearts. Both is embraced acceptance with appreciation.
They started knowing each other during the holidays in the year 2009. Until they share the hearts and agree to commence greater love a month after. A lady been mesmerized could have been young love?  As the days is passing through, love makes worthwhile taking ups and down. A lover’s quarrel keeping the sublime to have made it through surviving a year round of scuffle and tender love. 

On May 2012, the man has decided to go back to his hometown miles across the distance to keep them apart. The lady has felt sudden coward behind her prudent is uncertainties. The time stood before them to test a spell bounding love. No matter how she may want to resist she reckoned to settle better understanding and have crossed their fingers what love may endeavor for both of them.

Time is sometimes rough. The love is bewildered with several things above many doubts. Lover’s confounded the old feeling they once share happy thoughts and dreams. A moment has secluded between the bridges that build the fences. The distance that made them apart is an obstacle the couple is struggling. Like any other distant lovers, time is a predicament finding their way to meet at a certain point for both hearts can settle. Not long when two hearts are likely to get exhausted that things may seem no longer working out. The time has swift with thoughts on their mind is subdued with things that made them uncertain and drawn out love. The strangest battle for love against a few unpleasant things life may offer.  Waves are raging as air is baffling with no definite point and seem nothing to settle down.

Then silence begins to calm the broken hearts. As lovers is mending each other hearts. What lies beneath from the shadow behind yesterday is a courage of love bringing them closer with faith to God. After the rough waves, the couple’s been sailing all, this time, they finally find each others heart. No matter how rough the tides were at the ocean? What matters most is keeping their faith lifted to God and came to submit their destiny.

A new tale is what they are about to unfold. From the stories that maybe untold. The hearts is irrevocable to their dreams soon realizing. The promise of invaluable love is intertwined. The sanctity of faith shall be a paradigm of living in righteousness. The young lady has found more reason to love finding his man in the midst of doubts. God is such amazing to have blessed the young woman with a man that have given her love more any man can offer. The destiny has been written in their hearts. Someone may not be able to love the same person twice or could no longer offer twice the love as what it was before. But you can always love someone more than the first time.  

I may not know well Nash personally? But deep in my heart, he is the man of with accountable words and would always take care of the most precious gemstone a man can ever have. 

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Days from today, the lovers is taking a new milestone together they will stand before God’s eyes to submit themselves in the holy sacrament of marriage. To commit and take surrender their promises of love in sovereignty with God’s divine intervention to have blessed their soon married life.

To hold and to cherish, In sickness and health, In richer and in poorer, till death do they have each others heart.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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