Jazzy Life-CYW

 Jazzy Life

The world is made up of you and me.
We represent different color wonderfully.
Each may have own statement,
Vision to create significant against predicament.
Find ourselves the uniqueness and individuality.

CYW- Atomic Tangerine.

Coolwaves Ranch and Waterspa Resort, City Of Malolos, Bulacan Ph

We choose the color of our own.
What we are living is above judgmental well-known.
The world is a common ground,
Chaos is an anxiety is everywhere around.
Belief to have faith in ourselves allow no one to bring you down.

CYW- Banana Mania.

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City Ph

God have created us especially,
Respect each other is living in equality.
To embrace each indifferences,
Build bridges and not fences.
Appreciate is what makes living meaningfully.

CYW- Beaver.

Coolwaves Ranch and Waterspa Resort, City Of Malolos Bulacan Ph

No matter what color we are,
We can shine brightest like a star.
Keeping us an importance,
We must value our significance.
Learning among ourselves isn’t a peculiar.


The Penthouse, Quirino Avenue Ph
Jennifer Nichole Wells-Color Your World Photo Challenge.



The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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