Fancy Bizarre

Fancy Bizarre

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. Sigmund Freud


I come to hear you whisper.
Right through me ears you held me closer.
Come and I will take you higher.
A unshared place only for a dreamer.
Come and get closer Mr Voyager.
Let me take you to a secret place.
Be overjoy of many beautiful faces.
Don’t ever ask where it is?
Find it out and you feel bliss.
Delightful, you can hardly resist.
Bewitch with all the glorious wonders.
Far away in the kingdom of strangers.
Take this moment in time,
Chances you may lose overtime.
It is worth everything for a risk takers.
Can you hear the sound of a clock?
Do you have a mental block?
Is there something you are weary?
Or thinking of it mysteriously?
Take those all you have that block.
Just when I grab her hand,
I can’t even explain and don’t understand.
She takes me high with her fancy wings,
It was glittering not an ordinary thing.
In the kingdom of far away, we have land.
I saw beautiful ladies, not a usual creature.
They are all dancing above the beautiful nature.
They are welcoming with mystic but lovely smiles.
They knew I have been travelling for miles.
It seems everything is real but quite unsure.
Everyone was joyful and happy.
It is peculiar, and I felt of sudden mystery.
Just when I am about to ask?
All have gone like a magical trick so very fast.
Where was I last night asking uncertainty?


Daily Post Prompt-Stroke Of Midnight.

<a href=””>Stroke of Midnight</a>


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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