Dreamer’s League

Dreamer’s League

The youth is the hope of our future. Dr. Jose Rizal


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Aspiring Policeman and A Businessman

They are hopes of the nation,
Children have the right to education.
They are a few of the many kids,
Who are crying for their needs?
Living in poverty, they are hopeless of ambition.
Dreaming of exaltation is beyond their vision.
To sustain, their hunger is being happy.
A meal three times a day is such a glory.
Their sovereignty is seen on most sidewalks.
Keeping their eyes on the authority that stalks.
Every day is a risk on the battlefield.
Teach them a danger is safeguarding them a shield.
The streets they grew up they knew is a shelter.
Roofless home dealing with all kinds of weather.
I come to meet few children and I befriend.
They talk of street life makes the heart bend.
I listen to their dreams and reminisce my childhood.
Uplifting their way of living is what they stood.
One is wanting to become a policeman.
To defend the nation and his countrymen.
The other is dreaming of putting his own business.
Likely he saw companies in Chinatown owned by several Chinese.
Taking any chances in keeping their dreams alive,
Whatever consequences may be as long as they survive.
What is important to them is surpassing today.
Thinking bout tomorrow comes what may.
They are all a part of every community,
A proof of reality several is living, unfortunately.
One of the major problem of the country.
A top concern of the government advocacy.
A serious problem of the current administration,
Persistent in revolving over the generation.
I am thankful to God to have blessed me fair.
Having a great parent taught me value to share.
Even the smallest thing makes a whole lot of something.
Giving is a God’s way of love and sharing.
Truly these children are an inspiration.
Be thankful for what we may have with satisfaction.
It is my whole solitude children so endearing and nice
I wish them the fortitude and the sun will rise.
We may momentarily part ways,
I am keeping their smile, I will be back to see them in surprise.
God, bless the children and made their dream realize.



The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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