3 Day Quote Challenge-II Day Three

3 Day Quote Challenge-II Day Three


I am haunted by the shadow of the past.
I struggle to find my way out.
I tried to keep a focus I went out of sight.
I am exhausted with several disarrays.
I ask myself several questions.
I wanted to find the answers.
I do not know where and even how to start.

I close my eyes and fell asleep.
I come to deceive darkness is over me.
I tried to run and looking for someone.
I am stuck in the middle of nowhere,
I have no place to run and no one to hold.
I suddenly woke up from a terrible nightmare
I thank God now I can sleep well.

I took a time to see how my imagination works before I sleep:-) It is through poetry where I regularly practice my creative mind. I have been in love with poems and rhythms when I was at high school. It is a commendable exercise of the mind to empower your imagination. But as per mom, not too much son, you sounded like insane already in answering me words with rhyme, well you can explain in plain and simple words okay? LOLZ

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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