3 Day Quote Challenge-II Day One

3 Day Quote Challenge

My second round of the prompt I wish to thank  Chape   for inviting me over to the challenge. I would be please if you can also visit his site, inspiring you with fitness beyond physical strength.


Success may seem overwhelming in several ways. Nonetheless, how do we measure the value of success? Is it moreover on achieving or sustaining? If I have to choose between the two? I would love to picture my success more on sustaining. I come to seek my own triumph by building my inner strength that I intend to furnish a positive outlook on life. Like anybody else, I have my own many failures at a certain point of losing courage. Beyond any doubts I am down to realize that the battle I am taking over is a make or break point in my life. If I may fail, at least, I have taken the chances that life has spared me.
Finally, I draw my strength from my family whose been always supportive throughout my journey. Success is a mere compliment from all the learning that I taught myself throughout the entire voyage. Life doesn’t have an angle that gives you space to dwell on. As the world goes round life bounces up and down spinning round that none of us can tell whats heading for tomorrow. The only thing that we can be sure of is the strength that we equip ourselves for us to build fences of courage to rise up to the challenge. And our prayer which is the most powerful weapon to fuel our faith to believe that there is no impossible with God.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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