A Peachy Tryst

 A Peachy Tryst

We do not remember days; we remember moments. Cesare Pavese

In response to Prompt Stomp- Week 10.

My backpacking memories would not be complete without memories to keep for life. There are several places I have been to and meet many people along my backpacking journey. Though there are several a few that is remarkable and stand the rest. The new place I have visited is just a two-hour drive from the metro. I have been fascinated with how the place built and design with details that didn’t go out of beauty and sophistication. The astounding nature embellishes with an old interior that makes the place awesome. Architecture and well-engineered design with details that are extraordinary.

Sierra Madre Resort is a go-to place for its stress-relieving elements – its activities and the nature surrounding it. The greens and the mountains give this place its worth. An easy weekend breather is possible even with a minimal budget in hand – thanks to Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort in Tanay, Rizal.

I have found out that the place is a family owned property. The nearby five thousand hectares built during the Spanish regime where some of the finest aristocrat families use to their social and civic gathering. Few of the facts is evidently shown to whats behind the origin of the place. A few if the structures reconstructed for  several years it has been preserved. It was later modified and redesign by the recent generation of the families. The place is reengineered likely to cater company team buildings, conventions, party venues, and other functions it may provide the clients. The place can accommodate hundreds of guest. It has a hotel and other facilities to provide guests the luxury and convenience.

Nowadays, The Sierra Madre is one of the sought after spot for some excellent pre-nuptials shoot. The lovely nature to compliment the couple’s most sweetest memories to treasure. It has a magnificent sunset and sunrise view. 

Sierra Madre-Tanay Rizal, Ph

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

5 thoughts on “A Peachy Tryst

  1. These are wonderful shots, and they look so authentically vintage and antique. I love it! These are wonderful photos for the Stomp! 🙂 Thanks for backpacking on through! 🙂

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