Classic Glare

Classic Glare

My entry for Prompt Stomp Week 9

Apart from creative writing one of my most loved hobbies is photography. My usual activity when I wanted to unplugged myself from any anxiety. Especially during the weekend I walked along from high streets to down lane courtyard and take some photographs. I am to street photos. I love to capture pictures of strangers, the fleeting moments and the real life drama. If there is any a particular focal point, I intend to shoot these are vintage stuff. Here is my few capture of some traditional lightings taken in some areas of the metro and in places I have visited.   

Old Hispanic Landscape Lights, Century Park Hotel Manila Ph
Old Capis Interior Lights, Max’s Restaurant Malate Manila Ph
Old Metal Brass Landscape Lights, SEBAY Surf Resort, San Juan La Union Ph
Baker’s Interior Lights, Baker’s Hill Kitchen, Puerto Princessa City Palawan Ph
The Emperor’s Street Lights, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City Ph

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

14 thoughts on “Classic Glare

  1. Your photos are always lovely? And captions are memories of the PI too 🙂 I’m pretty ignorant about photography but will want to try to get some knowledge next year. What type of beginner’s camera would you suggest?

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  2. The Old Capis lights feel comforting just watching it, cool choice for a restaurant and the lights beneath it feels like someone will break out a stage performance, haha. I like your choices for Prompt Storm.

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