Brawn From Thy Holiness

Brawn From Thy Holiness

My thoughts to share on the 2nd day of the challenge for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge from a dear friend Rashmi .

How am I to forget this author who has been an inspiration to the poetry society. The known and acclaim poet of all time Emily Dickson .

I think of myself being unbreakable and has given me to face the kind of battle. I thought it would end me up becoming miserable. Just when I realize the things he wanted me to see. I should not descend to my own will having much confidence in myself. That for every weakness you fear, you find the strength to keep you stronger. The pain is an entire reason you can find for you to sustain the battle. God would let you go through the hardship and struggle as he wanting you to stand firm on any given test whatever season will it be. Belief in him as he will empower you with the strength you need through.


It was over a year already pass,
Something unexpected surprises me with a blast.
Tremendously broken into pieces,
I hardly stand and could not even bend my knees.
Why am I forsaken and took me to embarrass?

My mind could not kindle things I saw on a spindle,
Have I done too much to spare me mercy not even a little?
The most painful struggle I must have face,
You take me through my darkest days.
I was too weak to given you trust you made me brittle.

As I walk into the light
I am ready to face challenges with all might.
God has whispered me the answer,
Do not fear because I hear your prayer.
Child, you are stronger that’s why you deserve the fight.

That what I made myself clear
Failure is a test of strength against you fear.
Stay focus in teaching far beyond the battle,
No matter how hard you struggle do not stumble.
Remember your mightiest weapon, is nothing but a prayer.


I know a friend also has her own motivational quotes to share with, say hello to Jacqueline 😉


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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