An Affirmation Of Credence

An Affirmation Of Credence

In response to The Daily Post prompt, Literate for a Day

A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence. David Hume

I always seek and ask God for signs in whatever I wish to pursue and what my heart desire. Other would say it is kinda superstitious and they aren’t true. I was always thankful that signs I have been asking from Him seek to find me the answer to questions I ask myself. They bound to me guide me along my pursuant of something I wish to obtain.

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Yesterday, I had a photoshoot with a good friend, best friend, and sister. It was previously scheduled last week the 17th day of the month. The photoshoot schedule is a prenuptial session. My good friend is getting marry soon and so everyone is excited. This woman deserves nothing but happiness and love. She will be walking down the aisle to his long time fiancee Nash-her long time boyfriend for several years. I come to witness how they stood the test of the trial getting over struggles having a long distance relationship. There is a test of faith. A moment of hardship likely of giving up and surrender. But God has destined these couples that they have survived and so finally the moment has come for a new chapter to begin.
Crystal and I became good friends and have met four years back through my partner MJ. Though we might don’t have much time spent together surely we have the heart to listen when one needed most. We had each others back when time gets rough and someone to lean when someone needed a shoulder. She’s one of the most amazing persons who added pages in my diary and I am always thankful for. God is so amazing he let us meet people the least we expect in sudden surprise. They become part of your life in ways that God has a reason you must find.

I am part of the entourage and been her consultant for the said big day. The event was plan months ago. I am an event coordinator few years back before I decided to return to my most love job. I am keeping up a tight schedule between job and assisting her concern. I make sure to have a check on the details and must see all the thing needed. A week prior the said schedule I ask God to spare us a beautiful weather as it been raining these past few days. It was Saturday, couple of days before the shoot, I saw the sign and knew all along it isn’t a good time for the shoot to be done by Tuesday. When Monday comes, the 16th Crystal had to inform me that the next day schedule is cancelled due to some urgent personal matter both of them should attend. I was right then. And so it is rescheduled the next Tuesday the 24th, it was actually raining over the weekend. I was praying to for the sign.
Yesterday was quite exhausting but an entire achievement for the crew and us. It came out to be an amazing shoot and has able to meet our expectations it is worth the wait.More than the beautiful weather I am thankful to God for sparing us an incredible sunset drive to concludes yesterday’s events a success. Thank you and I will always be thankful for you.

The Lover and The Voyager.
(Nash and Crystal Unity of Love)
I come to cross the sea,
And finally found my destiny.
I shall not fear and worry,
God has sent you to me.
I will love you eternal above infinity.
I am a Voyager
And I am once a dreamer.
Let me take you to see the wonder
Free yourself from any wonder.
Trust me as I commence a lifetime beyond forever.


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The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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