Inglorious Inscription

Inglorious Inscription

I was tagged by a good friend Rashmi/mindandlifematters  for this 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Day 1 to share my thoughts. I thank you and here’s is my share on the first day challenge.

If there could have been a legacy, I ought reading from my dad aside from sparing me the real life and education is falling in love of with reading. Reading is a huge thing for dad aside from engaging himself in a lot of sports. It was one he patiently motivated us siblings. Honestly, when I was at age 9? Like any other kids on the block, who would have wanted to read I’d rather play. But dad has kept us motivated by helping us. After school at least an hour or two, we must open our notes or have chosen a book that we wish to read? What inspired us is dad’s motivation to find an interest in reading. That, in the same way, reading has been a way to keep a family bonding.

I chose to share a thought from Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant, an author and syndicated cartoonist born in London, UK, and living in Santa Barbara, California, USA. He is best known for his Pot-Shots, single-panel illustrations with one-line humorous remarks, which began syndication in the United States of America in 1975. Brilliant achieved American citizenship in 1969.


I journey to life and see myself plenty of surprises.
There is a never seem ending happiness and blissless.
I have faced the hardest battle
And been through the painful struggle.
I lose hopes and see life with no essence.

I knew to myself what I am capable nor my abilities are. I went to doubt all of those which is immense against my battle of thoughts and wisdom. An enormous challenge took me to despair and had almost given up. My heart is filled with anger and seeks nothing but a vengeance. Not after, I made to realize what dad would always say. Reading is a better way to understand everything. Because questions that you may long to ask can not be just, define by a mere acceptance. It takes you a battle mind over heart. So when you start reading, you can begin feeding your mind and so the heart can freely accept.

No one is born perfect
No matter how you look at yourself in all aspect.
You are a unique and make stand the rest.
Start embracing yourself and strive to be the best.
You are, but an everything everyone must learn to accept.

You and I don’t need to please each other. You can either accept me or not, the same thing is also I can offer. We should allow no one to demean us because we have not able to meet their standards.

I wanted to share this also for a newly found friend his name is Brad you can visit his blog site also.

Quotes to Remember


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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