Contingent Fortuity

 Contingent Fortuity

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The only source of knowledge experiences. Albert Einstein


Taken last June 19, 2015, at SEBAY Surf Resort in San Juan La Union. A 2,000 kilometer away from Metro Manila heading North Bound. A 6-hour approximate drive passing through the TPLEX – Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union Express Way, the most convenient way to access La Union Provinces. San Juan La Union is a second class community of La Union and known as the Surfing Capital of the North.
Unfortunately, the time we visited San Juan is not surfers central peak of the year at San Juan. Beside of that the month of June is a rainy season in the country, waves are too off for surfers delight. However, despite the worrying we must keep among ourselves a driven adrenalin of excitement still to enjoy and make most of the two nights and three days stay at San Juan. Basically, our trip is unplanned so we have not anticipated of the weather condition. It was raining the time we arrive at the resort, people seem disappointed of the unexpected heavy rain pour as they have been waiting for along the shore with their surfing stuff. It was nearly evening when the rain has finally stopped.


Everyone is filled with excitement as they rush into the water. Everybody get soak wild and wet. While everyone having fun in the water, I had a walk at the resort with my lenses on I took some photographs of the amazing and impressive views. On the next day, I have woke up early morning and so the sun is smiling. I am having coffee when I notice these lovely vibrant flowers struck by the sunlight.
What a day to inspire with. After yesterday of heavy rain and strong wind, we have to go through. What we have experience in the past is something that we built ourselves a learning. It is through that we are bound to become stronger keep up to whatever challenge life may endeavor. There is always darkness once in a while. It helps us to find our strength behind our weaknesses.

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Desert Rose Flowers
SEBAY Surf Resort, San Juan La Union Ph
19 June 2015
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