Subsistence of a Silhouette

Subsistence of a Silhouette

The character is a diamond that scratches every other stone. Cyrus A. Bartol

In response to the Daily Post Prompt, It Builds Character

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom youโ€™d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

If given by chance to do so I would like to have a heart to heart talk to Sir Florentino Timbreza, a cultural philosopher, he publicized a rigorous study of Filipino native traits and experiences are adherent to a character.


Character built from learning.
We all exhibit an own character,
The way we deal and act are a distinct manner
Partly made by influences from our surroundings.
Takes on the experiences and polish by teachings.
The past is an entire patent or a copyright we outlay.
An attribution to unfold ourselves along the way.
Character base on our orientation foremost within the family,
Our rootedness that nurtures us as we go beyond reaching the society.
Changes are something that character is substantial,
And our ability to adapt change is peripheral.
We create ourselves something that is called personalism.
This is inculcated behind tradition and inherited trait by patriotism.
Character exhibited from experience.
Some people are not really they are supposed to be,
It is because something in the past created them as they don’t see.
Experiences can greatly define our ability of decisiveness,
We seek our character on a behavior consciousness.
Things themselves taught us what we impose by an attitude
Character and attitude are a different thing that measure altitude.
They may be a picture with the same color
But one is exalted as superior.
Character is how we portray according to the audience
Whereas attitude is persistence.
We all mean of character as our personality.
Attitude established us the identity.
Our tradition taught of character to hold onto.
Admissible but it also mitigates in the best interest of many Filipino.
The tendency of becoming a superficial,
Often it imposes a character flighty and artificial.
Nevertheless, I am thankful to have my shared of the good teaching,
It is how I have able to polish the learning towards a distinctive character it is reflecting.

Backpacker’s Notebook


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The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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