Thy Wraithlike Fortress

In response to The Daily Post Prompt, The Power Of Touch

Thy Wraithlike Fortress

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.
Psalm 119:28


God has sent me from above
Bless with wonderful parents whom I really love.
He bound to give me such a loving family,
They are always behind me so I don’t have to worry.
God has intended me a purpose hereinabove.
I must seek to find and I should go beyond and above.
He walked beside me along the way,
I trust him with all my might I will never be astray.

God has given me offered me the weapon are my senses
So I will be able to find my great defenses.
I am about to face the battle you and I don’t know.
Failure is not a lost But a learning so I will grow.
Despite all my weary and thoughts I humph,
I came and sought each one a triumph.
Behind is finding out the purpose he has given,
Something I must share and I should be driven.

The most painful held me forsaken and seem debouched
Not until his magical touch makes it all clear vouch.
Only to find that touch is the strongest of our senses
In battling with life, that offers several offenses.
Touch greater than the physical able
But our capacity for moving other people
Like words from the holy bible,
Believing in every passage makes you a noble.

See how it touches you with a miracle,
It makes you go beyond your limit takes out any obstacle.
Like words of an author
inspiring and makes someone become a survivor
Words from the mind and heart of a brawny writer,
offer you courage and motivates not to surrender.
Like every word lifted in a prayer
Seek thy strength that makes one stronger.

<a href=””>The Power of Touch</a>


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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