The ODD One Out

In response to the Daily Prompt, The Outsider

The Experience of being outside, looking in.

The ODD One Out

“You get tough like me and you don’t get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothin’ can touch you…”.  S.E. Hinton


I was once dreaming,
A place in my dream looks so enchanting.
It is a paradise I have found between heaven and hell.
I come to see what’s for me neither one of you can not tell.
I am a backpacker and no ordinary traveler.
I explore, I experience, and I discover.
I have trek a journey of a thousand miles.
Faces any under circumstances several can be outwiles.
I go up to thread the highest peak,
When I tremble and fall, no one could pick.
I traveled along the byway,
To find the reason why I should pay.

Life I live as an outsider,
Is choosing between a loser or a winner.
To keep focus on searching a reason,
You must have the will no matter what is the season.
Road is absolutely an intertwine as may find,
Always keep an eye so you will never be blind.
It takes you higher than it seems
Only to find out it was a dream.
Seek thy heart the truth that is from within,
You can never go wrong as long as you believe in.

Life I live as an outsider
Is always I am thankful for I become stronger.
I come to face the hardest battle,
It leads me to find my strength and not to stumble.
Life being an outsider,
Anybody look at you as a stranger.
People may sometimes be rough and unfair.
They are a dilemma giving you despair.
You have to know the rules of the game,
Before they come after you and take their aim.


<a href=”“>The Outsiders</a>


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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