Unjust Vexation


With proper governance, life will improve for all. Benigno Aquino III


The current holding of APEC SUMMIT in the country has brought my countrymen a stress and anxiety. The said event is been planned beforehand thru months of preparation. The gathering of the world leaders is said to set a great spectators and crowd so they put serious attention on security matters. I mean that’s pretty standard. Like everybody else were given the heads up for the upcoming grandest political gathering nobody has anticipated what to happen? Early dawn on November 17, the high streets of Roxas Boulevard was already close for public transport. The main service road to access the business district of Metro Manila looks like a ghost town. All public utility vehicles have been tasked to take a detour that is basically by immediate implementation due to a change of plan. Everyone is not happy. So what would they expect? Or should I say how would they expect people will react towards the issue?
It is a complete understanding that this could have been a huge or a remarkable event for the country as the government would able to benefit good relationship and convincing investors for the country. Like how many times our country hosted such event or a similar gathering that it also views the same kind of advocacy? I respect what the government imposes as they were governing a must know of how to deal such kind of country’s entity. Thus, should they be considerate as well to bid people’s welfare.
Why do they let such huge event be held in the central district where the main purpose is government issues and concern. They suppose to held it somewhere more convenient for them and for the masses. A place can guarantee them of urban free from anxiety. For old time sake! We’ve been to a lot of governances with administration are keeping a headstart without a conclusion as they ended their reign. That is what we call cultural heritage; it is part of our richness pass through over administrations to generation.
What could be alarming about the issue? That this is not the second time around that several poor countrymen who are seen along the streets of the metro-wide has been devastated and kept behind the reality of making a huge noise in the crowd. What a good shot for the administration! How useful to look at the entire city so clean? Behind their mask are ambiguous individuals aiming for personal agenda. Do this people look like trash so imminently you gather and dump them for the meantime? And the national park has been emptied and people are prohibited from entering the place? They definitely look like ground zero.
I was wandering why! This is the face of reality. This is what the country is all about. The fact is merely cognizant. What the society may appear before your own eyes is a total reflection of how entrusted people to lead the country is doing well. Either working for country’s advocacy and their endeavor of personal agenda.
The very first day of the APEC SUMMIT is entirely unacceptable. The government agency has given public awareness of holiday notices for school and offices. Monday is clearly stated a regular working day. So everyone is going to office not until you surprises them when such a torment. It took these people to spent more than 4 hours like even more to go to the office because of the rerouted order! What a divine grace Sir! And you know what more painful is when everyone is walking down the streets because no means of transportation they can access to because they are all prohibited from passing by the main roads of the city! What an excellent job it is. Most people took them to consume almost 18 hours of tire and exhaustment.
It sounded like April fools day for everyone! What a nice joke for Filipinos. Though we would like to inform our good leaders, we are a taxpayer too.Don’t we deserve same such kind of special treatment like these leaders you offer? What if we condemn you of unjust vexation for real. The government mandates it you can sue someone who gets annoyed? We’ll everyone is hoping like at the end this spectacular show you can compensate people with things that are worth the sacrifices.

With proper governance, life will improve for all. Benigno Aquino III


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

4 thoughts on “Unjust Vexation

  1. Hey Chris, I think I understand what you’re saying. I know Metro Manila and know what your “normal” days traffic is like. But if you live in a capital, this kind of vexation goes with the territory. Hosting a world or regional event is always good for the country’s PR – and thus future investments. Here in Rome we often have event-related hassles, and in 3 weeks’ time an influx of 25 million pilgrims are expected to start arriving for a Catholic church Holy Year…. and unfortunately, we can’t move the Vatican out of Rome!

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    • Yeah, what was devastating because they have not declared Monday as nonworking instead like it was a horrible day for all laborer. I could not imagine like walking for hours just when you arrive at work it was noon. And at the after work like no transportation at all people have a walk along EDSA. Horrible like if you’re coming from the north going southbound 6 hours?
      the government mandate the law of unjust vexation so anyone that has been annoyed they have the right sue;-)

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      • But don’t sue: waste of time and energy best used elsewhere. Civil courtrooms are bad karma :).People in government jobs don’t always realise what “normal” poeple have to deal with sometimes just to get to work. I always go to appointments with my gym shoes – just in case traffic gridlocks and I have to walk a lot 🙂

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