LOVE&EUPHORIA: Love After The Show

LOVE&EUPHORIA: Our Symphony Of Love


In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost


I walk uptown at the Focal Avenue.
After the storm and the season is getting new.
Back at the most love place,
I am feeling better with so much love to embrace.
It reminded me of a picture
Several things that taunt me and torture.
The place that was once a paradise
Have given me the pain and hurting by surprise.
Each corner is a vision of you and me,
Hearts are filled with gladness despite untrue.
You and I almost in paradise,
Not until you stumble me and play me in a dice.
You’re pretending a lie by loving me so dearly.
Make me see the magic behind a trick is pain and agony.
Though I have much more reason for hating you,
I come and see the Focal Avenue in pure blue.
Every corner of the high streets
Is a gallery of a wounded heart I wish forfeits.
Having a taste of my old time favorite cake,
My mouth spits it out and would no longer want to take.
A few to remind me of how I am tormented.
Loosing out of my senses and taken for granted.
Today, I wear a smile to carry on.
God made me realize I have actually won.
I come to face the hardship and struggle,
Because I am his strongest soldier who deserves the battle.
I have driven to find the purpose,
Life and love come together as they suppose.
I must accept and takes through all the pain,
Beneath a weakness is my strength I obtain.
If he allows me to give up on something
It is because he wanted me to ensure a better learning.
I realize you were sent from above
To show me how and what is all about love.
Love is a color of red, it intensify the contrast and brightness.
It is completely down to you but make sure that it won’t be a mess.
Whatever it may get you a result, life is a painted in blue.
It’s the only color that maintains a character and it doesn’t screw.
Today I shall take breath as I say thank you for all the sorrow,
I have been taught of everything I must learn and I must grow.
I shall never wind up to stop loving.
Love has given my life everything and worth all a meaning.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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