Ablaze Masquerade


We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. Mother Teresa


I only chose a few people to befriend with. We’ll if some people around would say I may be picky or stereotyping people to belong with I can definitely say no it don’t mean that way. It is basically because I grew up in a place that isolate us for dealing publicly. I have a close family ties way of living, towards my growing years I only sought to have relatives surrounding me. It is a rare opportunity for us to go and play along with other children on the outside. Not until I decided to left the family compound and live independently to pursue education. That was the entire moment life has open several doors of living life in reality. It takes me to discover life more than I have imagined behind the fences of our compound. Several things mesmerized me and shattered me. Things that I was overwhelmed and drives me to the wilderness. The time I have been so reluctant like I haven’t thought of things if they were good and bad enough. I have not known those things at all so what I basically knew everything is just right.
It took me almost a year and a half that I come to yield to my senses. Behind the smile on my faces am I really certain of the mood that I show people around me? Am I jubilant along with these things that fascinate me? Dwelling the things at the end of the day when everyone is gone. I can make people laugh and smile as much as they do. I can build better discussion like we can talk everything under the sun. The best thing about me and what most people love about me. It makes me feel good when someone acknowledges you with appreciation.
Though at the end the day, when curtains down on a Broadway show. I find myself behind and often thinks, how I am able to make people happy? When I can’t convince myself of the happiness, I shared them? Is it my driven purpose in life that God wanted me to do?
I thought what father said, happiness is something that comes from within. It is not something that someone gave you perhaps the least they can offer you. It also depends on how you embraces and appreciate happiness from people around you. Remember happiness doesn’t mean laughing until your jaw locks or until eyes become teary. A simple smile would mean a whole lot of happiness as long as it coming deep in the heart. Making people around you happy is the enough reason of finding happiness in you. A smile is merely a silent gesture, but it means deeper than laughing out loud.

In response to the Daily Post PromptĀ Make Me Smile

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The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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