Dream Weavers: 4th Impact


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan but also believe. Anatole France


Simon Cowell “All I’m gonna tell you is, I’ve done this a lot of years. That was, under the circumstances, one of the most incredible things we’ve seen on this show. Unbelievable,”

Sisters Almira, 27, Irene, 25, Mylene, 23, and Celena Cercado, 19, hope to raise enough money so that their dad can receive treatment for a brain tumor which could cause blindness if nothing is done.

I am honestly not a fan of a local artist nor I am not more likely to watch reality tv shows. I am fascinated with how this four sisters takes through higher in making their aspiration into reality. I have seen them first on a local TV network at a noontime show. They are one of the most sought after finalist to compete in a segment that showcase family talents. I was mesmerized with their voices that showmanship and the performances they deliver each show. They held as the grand winner. Not long before I knew that they have qualified to an international singing reality search in Korea. Superstar 6 the current sixth season of the South Korean television talent shows series Superstar K, which premiered on 22 August 2014 The first Filipino contingent to make it through the final. They name themselves MICA. These were taken from their initial letters of their names. They were anticipated by having a major spot in the contest. But unfortunately, they only make the 8th round of the competition.
I honestly don’t recognize them when first saw their audition at the XFactor UK 2015. I am more familiar with them as the Cercados Sisters then later named as the Gollayan Sisters and recently MICA. That hearing has made an enormous noise across social media sharing. A great tweets and retweets have been massive leak leading their voices come to notice. That very same audition video make way for discovering them and become one of the a most talked subjects for viral tweets. Filipino across the world has been unified in showing their countrymen’s pride by extending their own support wherever they may be.
These siblings have been tremendously chasing their dreams wherever it may take them to. They are a country’s pride as they have been giving recognition for winning the international contest over several years. They are determined in aiming higher towards making their dreams come true. They always believe that dreams are worth every hard work and perseverance. They have been singing inexhaustibly for their dreams and love ones especially in making their mom as proud as any mom can be. Their passion for singing is no mediocre talent. Their voices are relentless and a power belter. And a gift that is entirely blessed with a down to earth character.


They are a consummate stage performer, who could have thought this sibling could sing and dances so well. What the audience can probably wish for sing and dance at an intensified level of performance? They are worth the anticipation to watch.
The show is running quite some time, as it’s been almost 6 months from the day that it aired the pilot episode. These girls have maintained their performances to meet their audience expectation by delivering a spectacular show. Their versatility and limitless ability to sing any genre of music have been the edge. They are giving a good shot of each battle round the competition takes through. From the day they made an impression until today they continue to render what is expected of them. They are indeed heavy contingents of the said contest. A weekly poll status is a manifestation that they have been loved by people across the world. The votes are exemplary to attest how they captured support from viewers and audience. They are at the top of the survey each week of the is gradually increasing. It is also proof that foreign countries are embracing Filipino world-class talents. As one of the many Pinoy proud netizens, I am with high hopes and optimism that these girls will make it through till the final battle. In the same that I am also with many Filipinos to express our sincerest thanks to people across the globe who have embraced and given their support all through their battle.

The girls have recently concluded the last week 3rd live show becoming part of the final 7. They are the acts to perform on a tour that is expected to strikes in Spring of 2016. Despite their mentors admission that one of the siblings have been rushed to the hospital before the contest. And they have also been offered not to perform the night live show, the sibling has been insistent. These girls are stronger by motivation in taking the risk and they must perform. The show must go on, last week theme is from the movie soundtrack. They were amazing to have given the show a spectacular entertainment proving themselves again with a standing ovation from the four judges. They perform Beyonce’s Work It Out from the movie theme song “Austin Power the Goldmember”.

The singing prowess is hailed in Isabela Santiago, Philippines. Their dad can’t work now as he has a brain mass and when it gets bigger, he is going to be blind. The 59-year-old father, Dominador’s illness, is spurring them on to succeed. He needs an immediate operation, but the family doesn’t have enough financial resources to sustain the medication. That’s one of the main reasons they pursue in auditioning with the X Factor.

4th Impact-Arena Audition

4th Impact- Booth Camp Challenge

4th Impact- Judges House Challenge

4th Impact- 6 Chair Challenge

4th Impact- 1st Live Show

4th Impact- 2nd Live Show

4th Impact- 3rd Live Show


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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