CAMERA LUCIDA-Garden Treasure

CAMERA LUCIDA-Garden Treasure

In response to Camera Lucida Weekly Photo Challenge


I honestly don’t have an appetite for gardening.
Each day I spend with Lady Violet keeps me wandering.
I am fascinated with all the things in the garden.
Though we were not allowed to enter and were forbidden.
Often, I ask myself why?
Lady Violet when flowers die she felt like to cry?
One day I please and ask her,
Grannie, can I come with you to the garden and see myself a flower?
And she replied, oh yes dear but please don’t play,
I said yes that I promise and I will obey.
We went into the garden in the backyard,
And so I see this rusted metal thing and it’s hard.
I ask Lady Violet, what is this thing grannie?
Oh, that is an old garden rake special to me.
Your great grandmother gave it to me when I got marry.
It is old but entirely a useful garden tool,
I said, oh that great grannie, looks cool.
Grannie answered it made my stuff smooth and easy,
So I don’t have much worry and I am happy.

Lady Violet always put the best value on individual things,
It is always I look up at her and very inspiring.
Things may seem a usual and no extraordinary,
But Grannie kept a worth on it remarkably.
It could be an old rusted garden rake,
it is something she kept for good sake.
And what Lady Violet told me and as the saying goes,
It isn’t about a thing but the thought that what matters most.
Give importance to it so you will always remember,
A way of showing a heartfelt thanks and least you can offer.
Things are more meaningful greater than a remembrance,
If it is valued and keep with importance.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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