A Stronger Tower


And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; thou shalt be a blessing. Genesis 12:2



Dear Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven is driven with darkness.
An evil terrorist is wanting to rule over your highness.
They submit to their power,
Take control of your people to surrender.
They aim with blood are their defense
Evil is taking the life of many innocent
Faces behind the terrorist,
The devil pretending to be a tourist.

God shall allow no one to take his kingdom pull underground.
People with a good heart will always be profound.
God shall never endeavor
Power and influence on the devil’s favor.
No other king is other than him will be lifted.
Evil will never succeed and will be drifted.
Satan thought of his power is greater than the Almighty,
A coward who sought the strength from killing violently.

You’re a chief of evil wanting to reign but has never succeeded.
Impose your power over tremendous violent preceded.
Neither today or tomorrow you will never succeed nor achieve,
A good dreamer you only a fool by yourself to believe.
You’re heartless to have hurt and kill,
Take away life but you are a coward still.
You can drive darkness over the sky,
It won’t take long before the light comes high.

Gaza shall stand behind the torment,
People will get through such impediment.
The people of Paris and Gaza will soon get through with the turbulence.
God will lift France against evil terrorist empower by arrogance.
Almighty God will heal and bless the land.
And shall worry not for he will safeguard the kingdom with his hand.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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