Life Beyond Choice Over Chances


It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. J.K. Rowling


You and I bless with these gifts life, choice, and chance. An essential tool we are living through in our daily lives. Each is technically designed with a purpose outlay to unfold our capacity and measure our capabilities in life. They composite a function are substantially reliable and are dependable to one another. They put a particular order of value and worth.
Foremost is the gift life; we referred to our physical existence as a living creature highly classified above all living organisms. Life is what was being nurtured by our parents from the day we were born until our growing years. The family that we grow up with are the primary group of individual that inhibits our fundamental knowledge and learning. They are polished when we started to take formal education by attending a school. The life we all live is only once. Either we convey it seriously or take it as what the flows goes like a happy go lucky. The only fact that life is constant with, whatever we have we did in the past is no longer amendable though it can repeat several times.
What could happen tomorrow or in the next days is something you and I don’t foresee and nobody will forecast. That is life living in surprises. All events we carry through each day in our lives is life’s finest offering. The people you happened to know by will or by accident? They are meant to cross your path for the purpose you can only find it by yourself. The family is irreplaceable. They have their mission, and God has established intended them to become part of your life. The event or a personal encounters that are remarkable to you. The things that you give importance. The place you will always remember and so many more. They are all written in every pages in chapter of your life.


Then we came up with the choice that is next to life. Life a once in a lifetime opportunity like saying we only live once. While choices are options that we can apply to our lives. Choice is bounded by two option like saying yes or no, choosing between good and bad, doing the right things over bad things, and so on. Choices that specifically go along with words to have synonym and antonyms. What revealed by the choices you made is what your life endeavors to reflect your decisions. We are given an opportunity to vision a wider perspective before we submit to our decision. What will be the outcome is just driven out from the choices we made. Choices are standard options limited by letting you choose between the two. The choice you can build is either you accept or decline? Taking positive or negative, and so on with the words you can define.
Finally, the chance that are made in due course as could have been as plenty as you may wish and seek. But chances should be an excise privilege as good as three times. At first is worth an experience, the second is the value of learning, the third is building comprehension. What goes beyond that could be something they call foolishness and stupidity as what wise men always says. Like a lover says fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you, deceive me thrice shame on me again? Chances are free will that you impose. In the long run it evaluate the changes you made to your life.
It is how I appreciate life living through mistakes and experiences from the past. It is how I learn the value of life living with people close to me, my family, friends, colleagues, and many more. Life is what we are living with the choices we made over it and the chances of making things in accordance to how and what they are supposed to be. Life is a what we make out of our decisions and it is our own prerogative. It is not all about what you wanted to live the life you wanted to nor a mere wish for your for the kind of life you desire.. It is how you takes through the whole process of your life, you plan and works with the program. God is always there for you giving you the backbone so as you can stand with life, choice, and chances.
A splendid life can be in making good choices out from the changes life may offer. Failure takes in for us to learn and comprehend. In the same process that our hearts and mind can mend from and to experiences life driven us.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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