LOVE&DECEPTION: The Broadway Love Show

LOVE&DECEPTION: Our Love On A Broadway


While seeking revenge, dig two graves – one for yourself. Douglas Horton


She was born in the year of the dragon.
A deceitful creature raised with high reputation.
Delighted with the beauty a head turner for anyone to see.
Burn with lust and desire you are a beautiful dangerously.
Anyone may fall in love with a someone like you.

I find it hard to believe the secret you always long to keep
A vision at night the eyes could not be asleep.
A beautiful face and sing voices of the angel.
When darkness comes, the angel is turning into the devil.
A fallen angel has become a monstrous beast.

I ran too fast and far away out of your reach.
My heart suddenly stuck felt bad and impeach.
I am trembling hearing you roar to the place I am standing,
I am aimless and armorless, come to witness life goes ending.
My mind is unforgiving to find no reason that I should die.

You and I play a character on Broadway.
You are the dragon I teach the love, respect, and how to obey.
I am thankful for you I become the best and finest mentor.
But why have you pursue of becoming a successful traitor.
I taught you goodness in the heart and not just a simple kind of art.

You have been sincerely and indeed love.
You were given everything hereinabove.
No one lifted you to become the cruel stranger.
Driven yourself with pain and full of anger.
Anyone is surprised and no one foresees your living in agony.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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