LOVE&DECEPTION: Love On A Broadway

A Fancy Love Show

“A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.” Alfred Lord Tennyson


I was walking alone
Out of nowhere I pick up a stone.
I am about to throw it up high,
To release my anger up in the sky.
A shadow greater than a human size
It is coming from a behind in a no familiar shape and it’s oversize.
I thought it was only a definite shape before my eyes,
Why it walks along my side? Could it be someone in disguise?

I was frightened when it started to twist and shape like a round.
I wanted to run for a place that I can be nowhere to found.
But my feet seem heavier that I couldn’t even lift.
I wanted to make a sound so someone could hear my grief.
The more I become angry, the more it overdrives me.
It takes me over a hypnotise with an unchained melody.
My eyes are fallen asleep, but the senses are wide awake.
It walks me into the roads once I take and how did I make?

The picture makes it clear, you and I felt so much love in the past.
Our hearts are overwhelmed with gladness there is nothing more to ask.
We share a moment of happiness in a place they call Neverland.
Start building our dreams on the shore with a castle of sand?
Everything seems so perfect such a love above realistic.
It was indeed fantastic not until it fades and becomes pessimistic.
I thought you and I are for real?
Everything we have been just the price for a deal?

You have taken me to stumble,
Am I the excellent price on a play you gamble?
How much do I owe you a penny?
So you gave me such a sudden agony?
If I wasn’t the one whose in your dream.
You should have shouted out loud or scream.
I take the shot even how much painful it could be.
You don’t have to punish me like you do pity.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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