LOVE&EUPHORIA: Our Symphony of Love.


You are like a fine wine, leave the cork off long enough and you turn to vinegar.          Frank Hapsburgh


My heart is Ricochet with an arrow by a cupid.
I felt magic and see sparks flies on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
I almost touch the sky when I stumble and feel down on a grave.
Petrified with the voice, no one hears so I tremble seem no one can save.
Stuck in the middle of the nowhere somewhere in a strange place, light is fading.
I felt like dying with shadow becomes the darkest driving darkness.
I was looking for a place to find where were you?
My knight and shining armor are coming to rescue!
I have been lonesome for so long and almost die.
I was terrified and could not believe of what my eyes see.
Everything is shattered I suddenly fall down on bended knee.
You cast a spell with your red velvet lips that kiss and tell.
You’re a majesty from a castle made of fire in the kingdom of hell.
Who would have thought a devil is wearing the Prada and look like real.
How magnificent you were to portray and sounded like Maleficent.
So cruel to spindle me on wheel despite giving you my heart so pure.
Fool me with love seem like a good behind is a face of an insecure.
The day will come and my heart will be free from the sorrow and pain I agony.
I shall come to submit a faith twisted from a heart that is full of mystery.
I aim you back the arrow you shoot I thought you were Cupid and I am stupid.
You’re a royal highness filled with bitterness.
While I am a nobody but my heart is full of gladness and happiness.
Something you shall never have despite immortality.



The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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