THE RHYTHM OF LOVE : A Plainsong for Love

RHYTHM OF LOVE: Our Story. Our Love

A Plainsong for Love

People confuse ego, lust, insecurity with true love. Simon Cowell


The heart hears the rhythm of our love song.
It reminds me of you each day that I long.
Too good to be real music in the ears.
The harmony breaks my heart and brings me tears.
Just when I realize you have been singing me a plainsong.

The heart is aching for all the pain you have brought.
Swallow me whole like a nobody as you thought.
I love listening to your lullaby use to cradle me at night.
The sound of music makes me blind and losses out of sight.
I was hypnotized by the love that I only bought.

I hear your voices sounded an angel.
I was mesmerized, and saw behind is a devil.
Keep singing me the song you always sing
So you will see my heart that keeps on bleeding.
Sooner in time I get better and I hope to become a daredevil.

Sweet symphony to keep me entertain.
I didn’t know it is something you wish a refrain.
You sing me beautiful love song
Though your heart desires for someone, you wanted to belong.
I pardon your heart gladness to obtain.


I grasp to hold every breath
Deep down to the grave of death.
You sing me love song while singing him with praises.
Love me by pretending while offeing him a divine graces.
You gave him the love that you have shown me love underneath.

I fell in love with the song, and it became my favorite track.
I make it loud each time I listen so I didn’t notice someone stab from the back.
I got totally lost in the midst of bewilderment.
I am trying to look somewhere I can get out chasing pavement.
I have never dreamed such a horrible nightmare driving me in black.

Soon as the lyric is fading,
I come to submit so my heart can start mending.
I have love you with all my heart.
The joy and pain are the art of loving, and I shall take part.
Love has given me experiences and is such a beautiful thing.

You are a dream lover, a no ordinary lover.
You’re an actor of love I will always remember.
Take a few moment of your time so you can hear the music play.
Learning to love someone sincerely will never be role to portray.
The rhythm of our love will soon make us better.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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