RHYTHM OF LOVE : The Glory of Love

RHYTHM OF LOVE : Our Love. Our story

The Glory of Love

Christian D. / a Backpacker’s Diary

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive. Albert Einstein.


I have been drowning deep under the sea.
But I never stop breathing until the light will shine on me.
Though it has been a while and time has passes by,
Oftentimes I wonder and always ask myself why?
What went wrong so my heart can see.

I may have forgiven but can hardly forget.
Things were done and words are spoken.
I thought I made something wrong so I never knew all along,
That it wasn’t me that you wish to stay for long.
Love is been swift and out of driven.

I may have taken the risk and hope of chances,
But the heart will never lie and it always glances.
I come to submit the day I put it to an end,
As our hearts are tired and it can no longer mend.
You and I may have the try, but it only bounces.

When the time comes for us to say goodbye,
Even if it feels like dying please don’t cry.
Despite all the heartache and pain,
The memories we share will always remain.
I cross my heart and hope to die, I will never lie.


I wish you well with gladness and happiness.
Something I have given but was reckoned and not the best.
You and I have learned our lesson from the past,
To listen and understand is the answer to whatever you wish to ask.
Love isn’t about compatibility but embracing other’s differences.

Soon we will get over from a disaster
Things will be disremembered something happens in September.
I only ask one thing, trust is a gift you should always value.
And appreciate someone’s worth and that is a golden virtue.
The time will get through and things will get better.

Keep it in your heart,
Even when we’re apart.
You are a heaven send and been my most amazing gift
I am always thankful for every prayer I lift.
Love is such wonderful thing despite the grief.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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