RHYTHM OF LOVE : Love Beyond Compare

RHYTHM OF LOVE : Our Love. Our Story.
Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. Loretta Young


It was four years ago I came with a surprise to have met a special someone,
A person who have loved me and believes in me more than anyone.
Just in time when my world seem dark and I am about to fall,
Someone who lend me a hand and I stood tall.
You are a heaven sent to me even the love fades and soon you’ll be gone.

Our story is no ordinary love.
The rhythm that beats beyond and above.
It isn’t behind a love at first sight,
Neither on a one hello and a sex overnight.
Ours is deeply measured by the depth of love.

Like any other couples that fight and argue.
We often get to misunderstand each, but that’s okay and is true.
Like none of them as well will tell us what they are going through.
As much as we don’t want to it is just a usual thing that happens and to construe.
I don’t believe in forever because I long a lifetime until thru.


I have loved you with honestly, so I didn’t set a limit in between.
I have offered you the love more than myself and is genuine.
As I am always happy to give you everything and that happiness I always believe.
And have promised myself to give you more love as long as I live.
The story of us is the most amazing thing I ever had and will never be short lived.

That no matter what it takes to love? I shall never stop loving.
Either through happiness and in pain love will always be a wonderful thing.
Remember, that you are always my love I cherish so sweet.
And until the day our eyes will meet.
My heart wishes you well to find love like mine and is never ending.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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