Our Love. Our Story


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


There are several ways love can be measured.
Few are guided by their standards to reassure.
Love may be seen, according to what their own eyes see.
Such a fact that most is wanting beautiful and sexy.
Something that is admissible to procure.

Can someone measure love in one night?
Or shall I say it could have been a love at first sight?
Does love define, by knowing someone’s waistline?
Or looking at someone’s face who’s fairer without fine lines?
Yeah, it sounds funny but isn’t right.

I absolutely don’t believe in love at first sight.
Probably for those who made love overnight.
The persistent desire of wanting for someone,
Often confuse between a love and infatuation by anyone.
They become a vivid picture to vision at night.


I also don’t agree like most people do believe in forever.
I am only mesmerized to fairytale stories with ever after.
There are few people I have known who believe,
Something that both couples hold onto until they live.
I only see it through to people whose dreamer.

I absolutely agree and seek a lifetime.
Something that value every moment in time.
More than a partner is a companion.
The best way to sanctify what is meant by a union.
Lifetime goes above forever without a dime.


Love is not measured by volume.
Neither to a height and width that someone may consume.
Love only has the depth.
With no words can parallel to like a blind and a deaf.
There are no standards to undermine and to assume.

Your eyes can only see what the mind can deceit.
They aren’t a window to what beyond the heart can receipt.
Love is truly amazing and deeply felt in the inside.
It isn’t what you burnt and feel on the other side.
Love do not weight with what your eyes can only conceit.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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