Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

September 2015

The man who lives without conflict, who lives with beauty and love, is not frightened of death because to love is to die. J. Krishnamurti


I went up on the high streets of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. BGC is the central business district of the city and one of the highly industrialize landmark in the metro today. It is one of my favorite spots to hang out on weekends for usual photography hobby. The place is entirely awesome to capture a street photograph. It is been my focal subject to take a photo of strangers and some of their real-life drama.
I am standing in one of the parking places of the area where acoustic music is serenading some lovely couples and other few by passers. I was looking around to find a place to sit for a while and take a moment to enjoy the crowd. I finally found one so I hurry to occupy a bench under a palm tree. I watch people passing by and some couples on the front row listening to the acoustic band.12140826_911473185611114_9055622236974728748_n

It is such a wonderful thing to love and be love. Love is indeed a splendid thing that do not measure differences of two people in love. I have heard several love stories from friends and stranger people whom I have met along the way. There is a fairy tale and some may have ended a tragedy. Some are a short live affair and other on a sudden surprise. There is a love at first sight. Other have started on one hello. I have heard some would say they are their destiny. While other would say they are a blessing onto them. There are several untold stories each of us may relate to what we call love.

With all the fascination, I have wondered how people would really define love in themselves and how they measure the depth of love? None of them will definitely tell us of what they are probably going through. None of us can tell that they are completely happy that they weren’t fighting and don’t argue. None of them will also tell us that they will be together until forever. A certain way to ask how far would you go for love and what can you risk for love? Love is such a powerful thing God has ever created it moves heaven and earth. It breaks all rules. It knows no limitations and barriers in between. Love don’t choose a gender and age doesn’t matter. Love conquers all. It goes above and beyond.
Love is erratic and no one controls its behaviour. Love can exist in all forms of human emotion either seen by his or her words neither to actions. No one can measure the depth of love until you’ll take it through. It is about taking the risk because you will never know how it feels like without experiencing it by yourself. There are blissful happiness and a painful one, but both are important lessons in life. Love is in entirely a happiness but could have been also misinterpreted by the way we deal towards our emotion. There is love and infatuation. Love is often mistaken by infatuation. Both love and infatuation are contemporaneous. Both is the same kind but differs on the intense of gravity that results to outlay one’s behaviour toward someone.

12108733_911473165611116_2450887237398635893_n12072576_911473125611120_2139570849176221454_nInfatuation is an intense behaviour when someone is completely lost in emotion with unreasoning desire. There is a sense of urgency that boils in and started to heat up an intimacy of sexual desire, anxiety, and lead to careless uninhibitedness that once value. It is overpowered by the mind, not by the heart. It is deceiving that make a sensible evaluation of what is real. A state of emotion that is incensed and doesn’t takes a long time. This also causes serious conflict by a merely misunderstood emotions that made them expect beyond intense lust which felt at first. There are also cases that infatuation has become love. And taking on the other side of love where there is genuine intention toward someone. Think about other person’s feelings before acting. A deep affection, contentment, confidence. Partners communicate and negotiate appropriate expectations. Love is all about selflessness and polite decisiveness. Love strengthen in the passage of time.



I was once here at the love avenue. It is was indeed a one of a kind experience I shall never forget. My story could have been a tragic experience, but it doesn’t mean for me to stop loving. Love is isn’t what the mind always deceive. Love may have hurt me but i taught me to appreciate life. I learn to value on people and gave more importance of their feelings. And even how painful love can never stop believing in it.  Let be the heart shall be the window to see what could have been invisible to your very own eyes. Life is about love.


Love is the most dangerous and uncertain element in life; and because we do not want to be uncertain, because we do not want to be in danger, we live in the mind. Only love, only goodwill, only mercy can bring order and peace, ultimately and therefore now.

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. Leo Buscaglia

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

9 thoughts on “LOVE AVENUE

  1. Such a lovely post full of love and soothing pictures. Must have been a wonderful experience, listening to that acoustic music on that bench.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Love and light ❀

    Anand πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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