Keep Moving


Hope. A simple word that brings light into darkness. It is not just wishful thinking, but an earnest expectation.


Time definitely fly so fast.
I look back behind and why still ask?
I was once lost some time yesterday.
How far have I gone to where I am today?
Do I still have the will when knowing the past?
The heavy rain pours in September,
Is the season I will never disremember.
Such a tremendous pain is entirely unforgiven,
I have nowhere to hide until the darkness has been driven.
The traces of scars will remain forever.


Have I fully accepted everything?
Why am I keep holding and least expecting?
I have lifted all hopes, well wishes and have conceived.
My heart is wanting, but the mind don’t want to believe.
A battle between the heart and mind is annoying.
How long will it take me to get over it?
I felt that time has come and I should submit.
I have made believe that everything is true.
What else can I hold onto?
When all of the beauty I see my heart have already forfeit.


I have travelled a long way.
The roads may seem unclear, but I always pray.
I definitely don’t have any clue.
But I needed to find what is really true.
To expect is the least I can do anyway.
As I keep a focus and go on track.
Someone from behind has tapped my back.
I saw him through from a light.
A sign that I am always seeking at night.
Despite everything, there is hope that gives me luck.

12087415_907864155972017_757328910_n (1)

What is beautiful behind every pain?
Is the will and strength I obtain.
Have the courage deep within the heart.
Hope will never tear apart.
Hope-is what I have to regain and attain.

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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