Half The Man He Is.


He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. Clarence Budington Kelland


He has always been an inspiration to me. I can only hope to be half the man he is. What he is today, is something that he did not wish nor dreamt of. It is a fruit of his determination, hard work, and perseverance. He usually tells us, what we may become in the future is basically a return of an investment you had from yesterday. It is drawn from our decisions and choices made in life. He reminded us there is no direct flight taking you to instant success.

Dad has traveled a long way to experience life above and under. He came across the border of many obstacles and struggles. He sails from low tides to rough waves. He has walked for miles and encounter himself stormy weathers. There is countless failures, regrets, and disappointments. Despite those, he never retreated nor surrendered. What keeps him through all of it is the positive outlook he has set in life. Life is sometimes cruel. Life can be bitter and sweet. But above all life is entirely wonderful when you take it positively. Carry with you a prayer, high hopes, huge optimism, and believe in yourself. Giving up should never be a part of your option. Life has plenty of surprises no one really knows what it offers you today not even on the next day. Keeping in a focus to take the challenge at all times is definitely an edge.


He gives precious value to all things, people, and events  that have been part of his journey in life. What he have achieved today is something he owes from yesterday. Whether big or small, all been part of his life. He doesn’t want to call it as a settlement of a gratitude but sharing a blessing in return.

His invaluable love and commitment to his job has helped him earned the respects from people he has worked with. He’s been in service to the company for 30 years. The first and last job he wants to have. I can’t see myself with such motivation the certain kind of dedication towards doing a job. I easily get bored. Believe it or not? Dad has never been late nor been absent since he started the job. There are rare cases that he can’t afford to go at the office when he’s seriously sick. His endurance of pain tolerance is way high. He can basically ignore a headache, body pain, colds, and cough. The least thing the company would do is to issue him the mandatory leave of absence to avail his privileges;-)

I once asked him what keeps him driving and maintaining such level of motivation towards his job? The same kind of job with the same kind of daily routines and never gets bored? Dad shares us his wisdom. You must always love your job. You should always love the things you do. You will become effective and efficient in handling your task when driven by passion. It gives you a positive result and creates more productivity in you. It is not much of meeting the company’s expectation neither giving them what was expected from you. It is not because you are compensated the salary you ask and the company gives you the benefits you deserve. It is all in the heart, comBasically you must know what are your reasons in keeping the job? How important is the job? How will it benefit you as well? You must set your own objectives too. There are short term and long term objectives. That is how you can evaluate your own potentials. This somehow measures your capabilities in handling a responsibility. Always put yourself a loving heart and a loving mind in doing your crafts.  This enhances and develops your skills. People should never stop learning as the world has not stopped from evolving. And once felt you were no longer interested in doing your tasks? You are driven out of passion better quit.

11997439_901678469923919_2029900414_nAs dad celebrated his 60th birthday last 20th of the month. He humbly asked for a small gathering for the family inside the compound. Inviting some relatives and a few of  close family friend. He wanted a thanksgiving celebration and wishes to express a gratitude to God Almighty for giving him a wonderful life. He wanted to extend an overwhelming thank to all people that he have met and made his life more meaningful. God is been truly amazing. The 30 years of dedication to his job and to several times he has fallen God is always behind to pick him up. No amount of words can express how grateful he is to accomplish all goals he set last 30 years ago. Granpa whose been watching from above is very proud of him. Dad who took over as the responsibility as head of the family since grandpa passed away. He has sustained his siblings to complete college together with several children mostly our relatives. He has able to acquire the farmland was once lost. He has able to help some people and relatives a small business by extending some financial aid. And by giving him an extra bonus that is unexpected, the house that was once only his dream. A ticket to travel and see the world which he thought it was only written on maps. And wheels to drive in so he will no longer stare at the car magazine. Everything is been blessed by God. In His time and in the right place.
Dad has been a living example to us his children. Success is worth every struggles and hardship in life. How many times we may have fail we should never lose hopes and everything is worth trying. Our flaws and imperfections should be taken positively and appreciate to the process of learning. To give value to people and things that been part of each failure or success. Prayers are the best weapon you bring in every battle. Believing yourself and hard work is the key towards success in life.


My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. Jim Valvano

Thank you, God.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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