Camera Lucida “Seasons of Hopes”


There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism. Alexander Hamilton


In a country such ours, we basically have the tropical monsoon or known as the tropical rainforest. We only have two seasons in the country the dry and wet seasons. The warm season usually happens on the month of March until May- the warmest season of the year. The wet or rainy season are in June till February. But this also depends on the area that climate also varies. Our country sit astride the typhoon belt, and the country suffers an annual onslaught of dangerous storms from July through October. The summer monsoon brings heavy rains to most of the archipelago from May to October.12030662_901885499903216_273748300_n

Last November 2013, Typhoon Yolanda having an international name of Typhoon Haiyan, is the deadliest typhoon to impact the Philippine area of responsibility. Typhoon Yolanda leaves traces of 6, 800 lives were lost from its storm surges and powerful winds. Over 1,000 were not found and still missing and nearly 20,000 were injured. It is been almost 2 years have the past and victims of the typhoon still long for an outrage of help. The local government offices  are discerning them from the assistance that they are entitled to. I am one of the few countrymen who questioned where are those tremendous donations have gone? What happened to the relief goods solicited from many countries? How did the government allocate the huge amount of money pledged from private people, business sectors and from sponsored countries? 

The poor situation of my countrymen is no longer healthy.  They are all  promised to received what is due to them but until the current moment none has been given away.  How trembling to see their unacceptable condition. A small tent village sheltered their families and finding what to feed their hunger is still a daily struggle. One known local analyst has said in an article he published that the huge amount collected from all donations could able to built each family a house approximately a 68 square meter. They also get a financial aid allocating at least Php50,000.00  which can basically help them to start a business of their own. And the rest can be use on infrastructure rehabilitation most especially schools.  They are all living in the seasons of hope right after the storm they survive and still hopes even if the sun has shine already.



The untold revelation behind a backpack.

5 thoughts on “Camera Lucida “Seasons of Hopes”

  1. Beautiful and heart-wrenching post. As an adult, I’ve been to Manila a few times as well as to the former Clark AFB. I’m sad I couldn’t see more. But I did see the heart and soul of many Filipinos. My first introduction to a Filipino family was when I was in elementary school in Japan, on an AFB as a dependent. I loved her right away and our parents were friends. Interesting how one chance encounter can set the tone for a love affair with a nationality!

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  2. This is a strong, powerful, and visually stunning post. An absolute must read to the end and I thank you so much for your having created this. Poverty seems to be pervading every single one of ours days. The number of homeless and poor I encounter panhandling increases everywhere I go here in the US.

    I also heard for the first time this week the phrase ‘climate refugees.’ There are so many refugees currently but I had not yet considered until I heard this term that with the climate change will come those needing to get to higher ground.

    All my best,


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