Camera Lucida “The Colour Exhibit”

The Colours Exhibit

We are all nurtured by life experiences. There is rain and the sunshine after. And there is rainbow so you can see the color of life. Christian 


I often visit the city of Dumaguete, it somewhat likes my second home where my adopted brother and his family lives in. They are residing at Tanjay City, an hour ride from the town proper of Dumaguete. 

Dumaguete City is a city in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. It is the capital, principal seaport, and largest city of Negros Oriental. The city is nicknamed “The City of Gentle People”. The city is best known for Silliman University, the first Philippine university outside Manila and the country’s first Protestant school.
It was October 2013 during my vacation in Tanjay is also in time for the celebration of Negros Oriental’s BUGLASAN FESTIVAL, the country’s first Festival. In olden times, Negros natives and residents of nearby islands referred to as BUGLAS.



The town celebration of the festival is widespread for the entire Negrensee ( People of Negros Provinces ). A two-week celebration highlighting some of the most awaited events such as the street dancing competition and beauty pageants.
It was Saturday late afternoon when we came to arrive in the city. Every street corners were been busy preparing for the town’s big celebration. At that night  we arrive, one of the most anticipated competition is held at the town’s stadium. The annual body painting competition and at the back area of the venue, I had an opportunity to take a closer look of the other candidates. It is awesome how talented this craftsman was with their artistic hand showcasing their God-give talent. The said exhibit is a part of the annual celebration participated by all districts of Negros Oriental.

The following day is the street dancing competition. The year’s main criteria include the body painting costumes. This is where each contingent’s costume should at least 40% made of indigenous materials and 60% is color painted on the body.


Inspired from my previous posts-Color Me&You. Colors have their own character and representations. In the same way, that man is created uniquely from each other. But whatever differences each one may have we must learn to appreciate and embrace other colors.


The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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