The Dream Weavers


Poverty is the worst form of violence. Mahatma Gandhi


My insight story of the close encounters with The Dream Weavers. On the first quarter of last year sometime in February I began my focal exploration of the metro-wide. With my backpack and focal lenses on, I slog most streets of the city from the high streets to down lane courtyard. Mostly at night during the weekend, street photography became a point of interest. I’m getting likeness in taking photographs of strangers and the real-life drama on streets. I create an interpretation behind photographs by telling a beautiful story. The experience that I get to know several people who have spent most of their lives on streets. I have a close encounter with few of the ambulant vendors, stow away people, and even street children. My country has been relentlessly battling to resolve poverty crisis over the years. It is demeanor by an erratic governing administration. One of the major problems that the different leaders struggle to alleviate.
Eight months from now my countrymen will again given their primitive rights to elect the new set of leaders for another round of governance. The upcoming presidential election in May 2016 and with the administration is soon winding up problems is set aside. As the newly elected head of the state convey over he will stand before the nation and solemnly pledge in taking full responsibility for the country’s welfare. And the impediment of the society’s problem on poverty hike is again at stake. An anxiety handed repeatedly over to different administration.
This is may be a hopeless case and perhaps no longer curable. That instead of diminishing it became more tremendous. Likely to compare with a gemstone when polish regularly the more it became vibrant. And exactly like an expensive wine, the longer preservation is the more it taste good.

11659358_891869510904815_6876343647616834788_nThe country’s democratic way of governance is giving ambitious politicians a charter of their own personal interest. I’ll shoot straight to the hole, the undying corruption and the excessive use of authority. The power that made them opportunist. The inevitable political dynasty to preserve the craftsmanship within family members.

10252079_891869484238151_679990814719760789_nEach commencing year the country produces thousands of graduates across the nation. The problem is most of them is nail and unemployed. The government can not sustain job to offer them and don’t have a peripheral plan to secure them. Chances of taking the opportunity in working abroad even if reluctant. They pay of consuming the struggle in parting ways from their families. The necessity of their uttermost desire in uplifting their living is what each of one accord.

They are the dream, weavers. To dream is the least they can offer themselves because their hopes are entwined with hollow ambiguous people. Those who they invested their rights. Those who have been they looking up to and console their hopes and optimism. People whom they entrusted with their future has even driven with more sufferings.
Will there be hopes that they can hold onto? If it’s in their day to day living they hear nothing but the persistent conflicts between people in power with their personal agenda and the whole lot of corruption.
How many more election will they have to give in wherein candidates aspiring of their votes promises them heaven and the earth.

10689663_891869457571487_474878162702534298_nIt has always been my utmost gratitude to God that my family may don’t have many richest, but I am blessed and fortunate that both mom and dad have helped me weave my dreams in giving me all type of threads and with variety of colors so can design my own fabric.
And in the same way that I bound to return blessings what has he bestowed in my own little way. I am one with my fellow countrymen in sending our prayers above that soon it will be over. No one will longer suffer from hunger. And every family will have their own home to shelter with. That He will bless the nation with whom we can call true leaders. A servant with advocacy to promote people’s welfare and not limited to his family, relatives, and friends.
To God Be They Glory. God Bless My Countrymen.



The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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