My Lady Violet


You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, and so are you to them.  Desmond Tutu


Filipinos are widely known for its eccentric tradition of practicing a close family ties way of living. A certain kind of relationship rarely seen in other culture. Like any other Filipino families, we have the same kind of living. My family lives next to grannies house inside a common fence in a family compound. While other of her siblings have settled in nearby towns when they got married. We are all nurtured throughout the years the important in keeping the family next to each other. In keeping the family intact despite other members are a distance away, the family has fabricated a tradition to uphold over generations. A family reunion is held every summer and Christmas holidays. The family tradition started several years ago and up until the present times.


11949453_890808494344250_4646374139355891937_n I am Lady Violet’s fourth grandchild among her twenty-nine other grandchildren.  Living close with my grandparents had given me a great opportunity of spending time with them. We are taught the value in creating a foundation of good virtue. Inculcated with the discipline to furnish us with character. I remember grandpa always reminding us that ” having a degree earned do not offer you a merit to cause other with unpleasing behavior.” That education is a ticket towards achieving your goals in life and not a complimentary pass to disobey and disrespect people especially the elderly one. 

Both of my grandparents have not completed their education due to financial struggles. Both of them became persistent in trying their best to send their children in school. It is worth the hard work that 8 out of their 9 children became all professionals, earning their degree of choice in college.

What I have become today is something that my family has inculcated me. As I walk along with millions of people in an irrefutable world I look behind my family as they are my pillar towards my journey in life. Neither I succeed or fail? I will never be frightened to go home at the end of the day..


My childhood memory could not have been much delightful without violet to paint on. Likely seeing a rainbow without the glimpse of violet is not as colorful as it should. Violet is what have been associated after her name because of her fascination and love of the color. And no one in the family would not know her without having the shade of violet to put on. The clothes she wears down to the accessories like bags, wallets, and some other stuff she carries with her most of the time. Whatever shade of violet it is, but as long as the color is dominantly embellished she is so fine with it.

Violet is not merely a color known after her. What makes the color more polish is the character she lay out in the open. It may be surprising for few people surrounding her why she is being called Lady Violet. Well, her birth name is Viola, a musical instrument from the violin family. That is given Lady Violet sings well. She is a church choir vocal way back her younger years. The color connotes her own being as a woman and mother. A sensitive, compassionate, and supportive. People are pleased with her charism and enticing energy. These are only a few characters of a violet to mention. Lady Violet has been widowed when grandpa passed away 20 years ago. I admire her strength that she has able get through along despite her agonies and struggles.


Today, the 3rd of September marks another milestone for us entire family as we all celebrate her 80th birthday. The family has nothing to ask more but keeping our prayers that God Almighty will continue to bless her with good health and long life to spend with us.

I thank God for having us our LADY VIOLET.



The untold revelation behind a backpack.

11 thoughts on “My Lady Violet

  1. Such beautiful family. Great pictures.
    Nice to know about your values which were instilled by lady violet and grandpa.
    I am glad to know that Filipino families have such great values in them.
    Love the Desmond Tutu quote too. The story behind her name is beautiful and compassion comes out of her face so palpable.

    May God bless you all and may she get health, happiness, love and light more and more.

    Anand 🙂

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  2. hello, so glad I’ve made it to your blog by way of Ramblings of a confused teenager. Will take the time to browse it all, the pics are lovely and inspiring. This particular post rings lots of bells. My mother was a “mestiza” but I never lived in the PI so I’ve missed out on most of the family culture. At the last family reunion there were about 700 people 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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