Color Me&You

COLOR ME&YOU by Christian D.

You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own. DM Dellinger


The world is a common ground for an absolute judgement. People surrounding you will conclude by their perspective. No one has the exemption from criticism. Every piece of you, from the clothes you wear to the style you choose, and even from the words you were spoken. Those are few denominators of living by reality.

11221652_889891441102622_1171839742781691573_nCriticism does not authorize you to change your ways in order to please people around you.It does not recommend pretentions to solicit their acceptance. And is not an excuse of wearing shoes that weren’t made for you. You are made to become who you are and not by living with someone’s expectation. You set your own rules and live with your own standards. And in the same way that you must know how to appreciate other without hesitation. Learning to accept differences and embrace what reality is.
There are people who exert a lot of effort by doing the things that will console someone else criteria. I certainly ask why? Does it make sense to change in order to be like by other? Perhaps be qualified to people you wanted to belong with?I don’t see any concealment at all.


I am born to be real, not to be perfect. I took every criticism with a great amount of positivity. The more I take it, the more I become bold. People have to accept me and appreciate my whole package. Neither they resist or embrace the things I can offer it is no longer my worries. I shall never make changes because that what people wanted from me. Changes are erratic and the only constant thing evolving around. If I needed to change something in me? That is because I offer it to myself but not for anyone else likeness.
It is color me and you. My shade is different from yours. We have different points of views. We don’t have the same level of capacity nor abilities. What could have been my weaknesses is your greatest fortitude. Your fear could by my indomitable strength.

All mankind is God’s masterpiece. We are all created according to his likeness made differently from each other. Each is blessed with its own uniqueness. You are distinct and technically equip with the special color others don’t have. What God has bestowed upon you must be nurture and polish.  You do not allow someone to paint you a color. You choose your own shade. Make it shine through and stand the rest.


Towards our growing years, we walk along with millions of people in a dreary world. Our pursuit of finding our own uniqueness is sometimes a struggle. Your quest is wind up by embracing yourself. In the same way of learning to appreciate others. Each one is unrepeatable and unparalleled from the rest. Your value does not decrease by someone ability to appreciate you.

The world is a narrow field  in soliciting everyone’s acceptance.  In every competition, audience impact is 10% of the total scores. You can compromise the portion of it. You need to make sure in carrying the 90% of your individuality. That what makes you unique.

Trusting your individual uniqueness challenge you to lay yourself open. James Broughton

The untold revelation behind a backpack.

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